All New Modern Scandi Pantry Label Kit

As promised, here it is, our Modern Scandi Pantry Label Kit in 2 beautiful colors – Charcoal and Denim Blue.

These ‘scalloped’ labels will be suitable for a wide range of situations I hope. I have designed them for those who have classic and vintage sensibilities with a modern, crisp, Scandi overhaul. They suit my kitchen so well, I think I will redo all my jar labels soon. I totally love my kitchen and it is just as well as I spend enormous amounts of time in it. I have engineered stone countertops with shaker doors and dark metal round knobs. It is functional, white, modern but with distinct homely charm. The Scandinavian style for me, is clean lines, lots of white, but with natural materials like wood and stone featured throughout to prevent the clinical look. To the right is my larder where I have shelves of all my dry pantry ingredients. Everything I can wish for to aid my cooking passion. Once I get this more organised I will share photos.


There are two color options included in this design series: charcoal and denim blue, so take your pick! You’ll get the following sizes included in one kit:

1. 1.5 inch circular
2. 2 inch circular (great for most mason jar lids)
3. 2.5 inch circular (great for larger baking jars and dry pantry ingredients)
4. 1.5 x 2.75 inch rectangular

Countless people have asked me for matching designs in other sizes, so from now on look for ‘pantry label kits’ in my Etsy store as they will have all sizes listed above. Remember to purchase your EK circular punches, I use mine a lot.


Another new bonus is that you’ll be able to change text size.These new features give you more flexibility in what you use these labels for. And if you have a specific font installed on your computer, depending on licensing, you make be able to switch this in too. You can download many pretty fonts online but some have licensing restrictions to stop them being embedded in a pdf.



Please email me photos of your larder jar transformations, I love to hear from you all and must feature some of these on my blog soon.

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