Free Forest Adventure Print

Free Kids Forest Adventure Print

As promised, here it is, our Free Kids Forest Adventure Print; perfect for a little boy or girl’s bedroom. My boys love adventure and are fascinated by making huts at the moment. Their favourite idea at the moment is to drag their duvets from their bedrooms to the living room. They then proceed to hang them from the couch and pull every handmade cushion I own, off the couch and onto the floor in a great big mess. They then leap with great joy from the couch and crash land on the cushion/ duvet covered floor. I worry constantly that my 22 month old is going to injure himself but he remains absolutely set on keeping up with his 4 year old brother and nothing will convince him otherwise. It is quite hilarious to watch, their happiness is infectious.

I am really keen to sew my baby a teepee for his bedroom as both my boys have an ‘adventure’ themed room. As shown in a previous post, I made a felt baby woodland animal mobile a couple of years ago for baby and I’ve left it up as I love it so much (probably more than he does). These are all my ‘to do’ projects for the kids.

Free Forest Adventure Print

My boys are endlessly intrigued by American and Canadian woodland/forest animals. Bears, wolves and foxes are cute in kids character form but rather scary in real life I am sure! In New Zealand forests we have an abundant array of native trees, ferns etc but our most common forest friends are native birds, rabbits, possums and maybe the odd wild pig.

NZ 'Kereru' or Wood Pigeon
NZ ‘Kereru’ or Wood Pigeon

The ‘Kereru’ or NZ Wood Pigeon is my favourite bird and we took these photos from our front deck. Because our old house was among native NZ forest, this bird was only a metre away! They are very large birds that are very loud as they fly overhead. They love to sit in the ‘Nikau’ palm and feed off it’s red berries. I have been told by good authority that they often in fact get drunk off these berries and nearly sway off their perch. They have beautiful coloured feathers too.

Well Happy Friday everyone, I hope your kids enjoy this print as much as mine. Thanks Freepik for the cute little bear and wildflowers.

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Tash x

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