FREE Editable Spice Labels - 'Spring Frolic'

Free Editable Spice Labels – ‘Spring Frolic’

Hi lovelies, it is time for our August freebie – FREE Editable Spice Labels – ‘Spring Frolic’.

I am sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while, I took on some architectural contract work so every bit of free time I could find was spent on that. It was great to put my professional hat on again after this time out of the industry with my babies, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also threw a ‘Fox and Woodland Friends’ themed birthday party for my youngest son who was turning one, we invited all the family around and had a really good time. We’ve got a great big freezer which meant I could make a lot of the food ahead of time and freeze it. Anyone with young children will agree, that events like this take a lot of forward planning and organisation to pull off as you can never assume how much uninterrupted time you will get.

FREE Editable Spice Labels - 'Spring Frolic'
‘Spring Folic’ Editable Spice Labels – Left: Taupe – Right: Sea Breeze

So it’s August freebie time and I thought it was time to give away some spice label templates. These have been a good seller in my Etsy shop but are now all free for you! There are four colours included: Duck Egg Blue, Sea Breeze, Taupe and Emerald. They have a little cluster of coral whimsy folk flowers on each.

We are heading into Spring in New Zealand now, our daffodils are starting to sprout and we are planting our cottage garden. We have this amazing stone wall that runs down our driveway and above it we have planted Lupins, Delphiniums, Forget Me Not, Daffodils and Cornflowers. My husband works tirelessly on our landscaping every weekend. It is such an enormous task when you buy a bare section and build a house on it. We’ve had so much mud to deal with, my toddler comes in covered in mud every time he goes outside. I certainly do a lot of washing and do get tired of it! Thankfully we get buckets of sun and wind so it drys quickly.

Enjoy x


Download 'Duck Egg Blue' Download 'Sea Breeze' Download 'Emerald' Download 'Taupe'

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