Anemone Botanical Illustration

Free Anemone Botanical Illustrations

Free Anemone Botanical Illustrations right here for all you Anemone lovers out there. I’ve had a lot of interest in my previous post where I gave away 9 free vintage botanical prints that I restored in Photoshop. If you didn’t see that post, I came across an amazing repository of vintage botanical illustrations scanned from old books. This time I am featuring Anemones prints that I have cleaned them up, restored, colour corrected and resized to 11 x 14 inch prints.

I love these flowers so much that I planted a whole lot of them up my drive way. They surprised me in spring with their bold sprays in Indigo, pink and red. Definitely planting a pile more of them this Autumn.


I’ve just got home from an idyllic holiday at the beach where we enjoyed some much needed family time with our boys and my parents. We swam in the warm ocean every day and went for long walks. We pitched a big tent and camped out which made our little boys experience that much more exciting. I think camping really makes you appreciate the ‘at home’ luxuries we take for granted too like big soft beds and walls that don’t flap loudly in strong coastal winds. We had very good weather overall, long and hot sun-filled days. The stormy couple of nights we did have we seized the opportunity for good family bonding time over a lantern, in between my hubby checking the tent anchor ropes were in good tensioned order!



And ready to take on 2018.

🙂  Tash

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