A Passion Come to Life

Hello and welcome to my creative studio; I am Natasha, designer, illustrator and originator of “Little Paper Sparrow.” You may be wondering how this all came about. After an amazing (and life-changing) year spent living in London with my wonderful husband and exploring Europe on train and foot, my head was bulging with creative ideas. After wandering many beautiful one-off shops and markets, I began to better understand what fuels me in life; the handmade, home-styling, & finding beauty in small details. The problem was, I had just attained a Masters degree in Architecture, with first class honours, after 5 strenuous years at university. So I tried to channel my ideas into hobbies alone and start looking for a “real job.”

The opportunity of a life-time came up when I got asked to interview with one of the highest profile commercial architecture practices in New Zealand. They later emailed me, offering me a graduate position starting in the new year. I was very excited and accepted right away. So Paul and I packed our flat up in London to come home, hoping we had made the right decision. His free-lance web development business was taking off with force there and we knew back home the market might be different.

So we came home and spent two years working in our new jobs in Auckland city. Amongst typical stress of deadlines and often overtime, we enjoyed ourselves, bought our first home and began to put our roots down. To our joy and excitement I later got pregnant to our precious son and knew our lives were about to change forever. And change mine did! From corporate life to home life, heels to flat shoes, business outfits to tracksuits, here I am; happy stay-at-home mum to two wonderful little boys and loving every minute of it.

So I am taking this time to focus on my wonderful family, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and invest in all the creative ideas so close to my heart. Follow me on this journey as I experiment with pattern, paper and pretty details. My purpose is to inspire you in some small way to colour your lives and find beauty in the simplest of details.

What we’re About

Little Paper Sparrow is a blog celebrating the wonderful possibilities of paper + pattern + colour, a home-printer and a little basic DIY. These designs are accessible to everyone, no matter where in the world you may live. Without the barrier of considerable postage costs, Little Paper Sparrow embraces the technological age, gives you the digital file and hence the flexibility to print at your place of choice, even at home, saving you time and money. We are a printable boutique store with many freebie designs being added regularly as well.

I love to find ways to teach myself a new skill and do everything I can myself. I feel like I understand it more.. appreciate it more and thus love it more. I for one had grown tired of a lifestyle of consumerism, rushing to the store for every little thing and being disappointed by it’s lack of long-lasting intrinsic quality, not to mention unethical mode of production. I had an epiphany one day and was inspired to change my lifestyle and encourage others to do the same.

Whether it’s gift cards you can print over and over again, jar labels to pretty up your pantry, or personalised event printables; there is something here for everyone. So join the revolution, get printing and you’ll be amazed by how a little DIY makes a home homely and special gifts more personal. Go on and get those scissors and craft cutters out, and let the fun begin!